How Long Can You Stay on Your Parent’s Health Insurance?

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Health care benefits for the employee include a spouse and four (4) biological children below the age of 18 years but what if you have more than 4 children and they are above 18 years of age?  One among the Healthcare Policies in Nigeria is the provision that allows dependents to remain on a parent or guardian’s health insurance until they become adult (18 Years) unlike in United state which state that until they turn 26. The united state updated their health care policies in order to help young adults maintain continuous health coverage through the often unpredictable years after high school. However such is not the case in Nigeria, the health policy does not promote young adults to maintain continuous health coverage through the often unpredictable years after high school.

But can you stay on your parent’s health plan if you’re in college? How about if you move out, or get married? We get these questions a lot, so we thought we’d share some answers.

How Long Will You Be Covered On Your Parent’s Health Plan

As the law currently stands in Nigeria, you can stay on your parent’s health plan until you turn 18, even if you are:

  • Married
  • Not living with your parent
  • Not financially dependent on your parent
  • Attending school
  • Eligible to enroll in your employer’s health plan

Basically, you can remain covered up to your 18th birthday! But what happens thereafter?

Be Prepared For the Next Step

Any coverage you had under your parent’s health plan can end as soon as you past the last month of your 18th birthday. This includes any coverage you had with your parent’s plan.

Here’s where you need to be prepared so you don’t experience a lapse in coverage. In the months leading up to your 18th birthday, find out if your parent who insures you is enrolled through an employer or through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

If your parent’s health plan is offered through an employer…

Check with your parent’s health plan benefits administrator to find out exactly when your coverage ends. Some employers will allow you to stay on your parent’s group.

If your parent bought health coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace…

You can stay on your parent’s plan until coverage ends for that year, no matter when your birthday is. You parents can get a customize family health plan or you can get separate health coverage.

 According to the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), healthcare benefits for the employee include a spouse and four (4) biological children below the age of 18 years but more dependents or children above the age of 18 are covered on the payment of additional contributions by the principal beneficiary as determined by NHIS.

If you haven’t found other coverage, you may contact Oshobaba Health Tunnel


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