Hospitals, clinics and community health agencies are different from other work environments. Healthcare systems in Nigeria are complex and there are many things you need to know about types of patient care, health insurance policy, hospital systems, healthcare providers and legal issues. Oshobaba Health Blog will help you learn healthcare concepts so you can be successful on the job and understand the system.

In Nigeria, the National Health Insurance Scheme regulates health insurance, as well as accredits Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs). They are responsible for delivering services that improve, maintain or restore the health of individuals and their communities. This includes the care provided by hospita


Health service delivery faces increasing public demands for access to and use of new technologies, new medications and new models of care, as well as higher expectations of quality and safe care.

Ageing populations with multiple co-ls and doctors, but also less visible tasks such as the prevention and control of communicable disease, health promotion and improving the social, economic or environmental conditions in which people living in Nigeria.

morbidity, emerging and re-emerging diseases, and the burden of chronic diseases are further challenges to health care systems. Globalization is shifting the requirements for health care and control to reach across borders.

The uncontrolled use of antibiotics is leading to increasing antimicrobial resistance, multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis being one of the most dramatic examples affecting disease control.

The global financial crisis is having a direct impact on the size, quality, reliability and population coverage of health services through the rapidly changing dynamics of public financing, and the need to protect and balance health spending.

Existing models of health care delivery must continue, in an uninterrupted and coordinated way, to address people’s needs, not only as patients but also beyond, such as through prevention and monitoring.

Why do you need to understand the healthcare system in Nigeria?

You need to know about the healthcare system in Nigeria so you can be effective on the job . As you read our publications, you will understand how  hospitals operates in Nigeria, the types of care services, the roles of the healthcare providers (Hospital) and Health Maintenance Organizations/NHIS. Finally, you will understand the different types of insurance, why you need to purchase health insurance plan, how to protect patient rights and privacy.