Health Insurance Benefits – Start the New Year 2022 Right

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You know healthcare insurance is important. If you twist your ankle during a morning run, come down with a nasty virus, or end up battling a serious illness or injury, health insurance can help you get the treatment you need affordably. But health insurance benefits can be so much more than that if you start it right.

Not only can you rely on healthcare insurance when you are clinically ill, but you can also count on it to help you avoid getting sick. As health service administrator, we encourage enrollees to know about all the benefits offered according to their plan-type and to take advantage of them.  The year 2021 has been a challenging for so many of us however, we are encouraging you to focus on well-being and make effort to use all of the health and wellness offering.

During enrollment for healthcare policy, you had an opportunity to take a closer look at the plans your employer offers and all the tools and benefits available to you to stay healthy. And the New Year is the classic impetus to begin using them. 

Take Advantage

Some people don’t really know about all of the healthcare and wellness benefits available to them.

Take the time to go through your benefit plan materials. Read up on all the plan offers and plan out how you can take advantage of everything available to you. Here are some areas you should be sure to look into:

  • The Mobile app. Some HMOs have a mobile application for easy accessibility, why not download the mobile app on your Android or Apple smartphone and have coverage information anytime, anywhere. The app also can help you find in-network care no matter where you are, and includes a paperless version of your ID card in case you misplace yours.
  • The Online Portal: The online portal is your go-to destination for all the information you might need about your plan, including your claims history, billing information, and doctors in your network.
  • Urgent care and health care clinics near you. Both the app and the portal allow you to find urgent care centers and retail clinics in your community. These are great choices to consider when you need quick access to care but aren’t sick or hurt enough to need the services of a hospital emergency room. 
  • Primary care provider (PCP). Think about your relationship with your PCP. If you don’t have a PCP, or want to consider switching, use the provider finder on the app or the member portal to start your search.
  • Text messaging. We all need a helpful reminder sometimes, Some HMOs offers customized text and/or email messages to members who opt in. Why not sign up for preventative screening reminders, health tips, and more.
  • Telemedicine. Some healthcare plans include telemedicine – the option to consult with a physician via phone and secure video instead of in-office. If your plan offers telemedicine, learn more about how the system works and register you and your dependents before you get sick. That way, it’s ready to go when you need it.
  • Reimbursements and discounts. Staying as healthy as possible means taking care of yourself. To make that easier and encourage healthy choices, some health plan offer a number of wellness perks, like reimbursements for gym membership and weight loss programs.

Remember: your health care insurance benefits should be something you use all the time – from yearly check-up visits to important screenings to wellness benefits. Make the most of your plan this year, and make it a happy and healthy 2021.


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Sharing Is Caring:

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