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Ever seen a formula one driver without a helmet at an F1 race? A cricketer walk out to bat without pads? It’s possible but not probable. A health insurance policy also works like a pad or helmet to guard you in case of any mishap or medical emergency. After all, it takes just a second for a mishap. Let’s tell you how with a little example.

Just imagine…

You’re at party spending time with friends and within half an hour, you start feeling uneasy and lose consciousness. The next thing you know, you’re at the operation theatre at a hospital. The operation is successful but when you look at the medical bills, you suddenly feel sick all over again. Another Scenario is when the hospital management keep you or your family member in their custody and you have to work-over to pay for the hospital bills.

Now just imagine if you have to pay this amount from your own pocket. It can take a huge toll on your health and wealth. What if someone was to provide you with a comprehensive medical coverage in a matter of minutes without you removing a single Naira from your pocket? Feeling better? yes, we’re talking about a medical insurance policy and here’s why you need one:    CLICK TO PURCHASE INDIVIDUAL HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN

1. Are you ready to go bankrupt?

Remember, it takes just one operation to put you into a major debt crisis if you do not have a health insurance cover. Especially, when we are talking about HMOs! That can easily put a major dent in all your savings and investments especially if you have kept that amount for your new car, rent or kids education etc. Relax, you can sign up at the earliest with a health insurance policy from RelianceHMO and breathe easy.

2. Medical Inflation in Nigeria should get you worried

Currently, there is a huge hue-and-cry around overall inflation in Nigeria. Not many know that medical inflation rate in Nigeria is at a whopping 30%. That means medical costs are on the rise everywhere. That’s despite advanced healthcare and technology being introduced every year and with the growing costs, it is quite natural for you to buy a health insurance policy that’s affordable as compared to the medical costs that you could end up paying for a medical emergency.

3. We are living in stressful times

We are living in a multitasking age where we are always on the move even with the advancement in technology. Life is getting busier every day than ever before. Work, clients, emails, boss,phone calls, never-ending commute times, get the gist right? This leaves us with no time to focus on our health and fitness. This stress and unpredictability can lead to medical challenges. Therefore, a health insurance policy acts as a shield to face these health uncertainties and get quality healthcare.

4. Peace of mind and pocket

In times of medical emergency, the last thing you want is to get into pointless paperwork. Be it for getting admitted or reimbursement, it is a waste of your time, money and effort. Medical insurance plans safeguard you by providing a cashless treatment at the hospital and taking care of all your formalities.


The actual question should be – why not? After all, it’s a win-win situation for you. If you are convinced, your next question might be which health insurance company to choose from? Why don’t you just click the link below, to get online health insurance plans in a matter of minutes?

Happy health insurance to you!  CLICK TO PURCHASE HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN

Sharing Is Caring:


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