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OshoBaba Health Tunnel (https://oshobaba.com.ng), The first online platform dedicated to tell stories, providing first-hand information about Hospitals and HMOs operational policies in Nigeria. We are educative and innovative – Oshobaba is the Story in a Story.

Our Services includes:

• Third Party Administration (TPA)
• Virtual Health Service Management

• HMO Tariff Management
• Medical Claim Reconciliation
• HMO Training & Consultancy
• Concierge Medical Services
• Advertising Services
• Content Management Services
• Digital Marketing & SEO Optimization and lots more


Third Party Administration (TPA)

TPA refers to a system of managing healthcare in which a third party (e.g. Oshobaba Health Tunnel), ‘The Administrator’, is contracted to manage provider networks and medical claims for employees of the company, according to the client’s desired scope of cover.

The Third Party Administration Scheme ensures prompt access to high quality medical care. It minimizes the financial impact of employee poor health, reduces the burden of health administration on the company, and ensures the containment of medical costs and the provision of management control.

  • Scope of coverage: The scope of coverage is unlimited and is designed to meet the organization’s requirement and budget.
  • Service Delivery: Subscribers will have access to additional services such as 24 hrs customer care and medical assistance services.
  • Reduced Healthcare Costs: Oshobaba Health Tunnel reimburses the health care provider for services provided at a pre-negotiated rate.
  • Quality Management: Oshobaba Health Tunnel will ensure high quality care delivery by accrediting and monitoring contracted health providers. A second opinion will be required for non-emergency medical procedures.
  • Reduced administrative burden: Oshobaba Health Tunnel takes on the responsibility for administering medical benefits and payments.
  • Utilization Reports: The HMO shall provide an annual analysis of the scheme’s operations and performance as well as periodic reports on payments, expenses and utilization trends.
  • Funding and Payments: The administrator develops and administers a revolving medical claims fund (deposit) which allows for cash flow advantage. The TPA system eliminates the issue of premiums but embraces payments for only genuine medical services rendered.
  • Flexibility: The subscribing organisation sets the financial, dependents and healthcare provider limits according to the company’s condition of service.


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